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Disability awareness for security officers with easy to learn interactive system, incorporating information on different types of impairment, methods of interaction and dos and don’ts all around situation that security officer might find themselves in when interacting with disabled people

Disability Awareness for Security Officers

Security sector may have a high turnover of staff, but that is no excuse for not having staff trained in disability awareness. Our training now has specific designated business sectors and this course is for security staff. We give an insight into some possible scenarios and have bespoke dos and don’ts.

We would like to draw your attention to an article published by the SIA recently highlighting the importance of the training that Security operatives receive:

Training does matter. It is important for security operatives to know how to engage with all members of the public especially those who are more vulnerable than others, including those with disabilities. We set out the higher level learning requirements for security staff. This learning includes:

·         Identifying key legislation relating to promoting equality and diversity

·         Identifying different types of customers and how their needs can vary

·         Ensuring that all customers are dealt with fairly and equally

·         Identifying additional considerations to take when searching individuals

In addition to this, security suppliers and those responsible for managing venues and supervising security staff should provide briefings on admissions policy and how to engage with vulnerable people.

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